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Sterling Retail understands marketing strategy and how it shapes both consumer and staff experience within your branch. After meeting with you for an initial consultation, we survey your branches to come up with a retail methodology that successfully projects your brand image and service model. We continually analyze the shifting landscape of banking to pinpoint needs and expectations.

Sample of a scaled floorplan with proposed products.

Three customizable survey options give you the most flexibility in your retail merchandising plan.

Option 1 – Comprehensive Site Survey: Our team audits your branch locations to gather extensive site information, recommending a full-scope retail merchandising plan.

Deliverables include

  • A detailed evaluation
  • Interior and exterior photography; includes a 360° view of the interior lobby
  • A scaled floor plan indicating specific product placement; includes interior and drive-through environments
  • Summary of proposed products (Retail Branch Analysis Total)
  • Pricing per branch with quantity discounts

Option 2 – Express Interior and Drive-Up Evaluation: We photograph the interior and drive-through environments to develop a strategy that will provide the most impact for your space.

Photography helps determine areas in need of merchandising solutions.

Deliverables include

  • Summary or proposed products with photos
  • Pricing per branch with quantity discounts
  • Interior photography; includes 360° view of interior lobby

Option 3 – Drive-Up Evaluation: Focusing on the drive-through environment of your branch, we conduct a detailed evaluation to find opportunities to optimize branding and information flow.

Deliverables include

  • Summary or proposed products
  • Pricing per branch with quantity discounts
  • Drive-through area photography